1. One of the best posts.

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  2.  - Pop punk bands saying "friends"

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    this is literally just a minute of pop punk bands saying the word “friends” clipped together and it is amazing

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    back to school shopping for a backpack


    don’t forget your pencils!!


    and your lunch


    and your asswhoopen nerd 


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  6. quoms:

    it’s not okay when the government interferes in the free market by bringing poor people closer to my personal standard of living. as an economy expert and principled libertarian i believe that tax money would be better spent paying farmers to grow only corn all the time

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    Dont sell my girl no weed bruh, u sell it to me, i will give it to her. My girl come home, and already gotta dub bag of chronic, im not smokin with her, cause i know she fucked. Dont even drive ya girl to go get the weed “babe ima run upstairs n get it” she up there…


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    & neva will 

    Need this jacket. Plz???

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  10. Anonymous said: Because you're not supposed to ever see them. It's just the 'forbidden' part of it that's exciting. Also, a lot of people are very attracted to celebrities (beauty, fame and/or power, I gues). Getting to see them naked and in sexual poses, gets them off.


    I’m not trying to sound all new age here, but it’s just a naked woman. There’s so many of those, it’s difficult to get invested if she didn’t send those images to you directly. 

    Like, what are you supposed to do with still images of someone? Masturbate? No one has masturbated to still images for at least 15 years.